An even simpler, yet more capable app for composing on iPad.

Version 4 takes greater advantage of the iPad touchscreen, and brings more new features than ever before.

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User Interface
Part Management
Note Adjust Tool
More Features & Improvements
Complete Features Bundle
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New in User Interface

  • Over a dozen new gestures and interface shortcuts to vastly improve workflow
  • Contextual menus to edit note & bar properties; commonly used commands are now right at your fingertips
  • Customizable QWERTY keyboard shortcuts for score navigation, cursor manipulation, and editing commands
  • Streamlined & ergonomic interface that reduces the need to switch between editing modes & menus

New in Part Management Features

  • Multi-bar rests and system breaks
  • Freely repositionable staves and beams
  • Add sections or rehearsal marks to navigate or annotate the score
  • Reduce your score to view any range or combination of parts for viewing & editing
  • Edit multiple measure properties simultaneously; rebar notes, fill rests automatically, and much more
  • Dismiss all toolbars to view the score only; perfect for reading or navigating large projects
Part management image

Note Adjust Tool

  • Access contextual options to modify pitch, duration, rest, and more; they appear directly above the note you just added or selected
  • Customize tuplets to match any ratio you define
  • Choose between diatonic and chromatic transposition when dragging notes vertically; available under Home Screen Settings
  • Apply common rhythmic transformations to any consecutive sequence of notes & rests, including diminution, augmentation, subdivision, note legato adjustment, and repetition (examples below)
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More New Features and Improvements

In addition, SP4 brings over 1,000 bugfixes and other refinements to the previous version


  • Over a dozen new gestures and interface shortcuts to improve your editing workflow
  • Streamlined and ergonomic interface that often eliminates the need to switch between editing modes and menus
  • Graphical menu design across entire app for more intuitive access to available commands
  • Accessibility with VoiceOver support for basic navigation & editing features
  • Much faster rendering performance when scrolling

iconGeneral Editing

  • Complete undo and redo support for every edit to the score, including adding or deleting of new tracks or layers
  • Input cursor can now be used to add or remove score expressions & symbols in Select mode by toggling any corresponding icon from the expressions toolbar
  • Edit & reposition title / composer by tapping the text directly

iconNote Entry & Editing

  • The Note Adjust Menu allows you to perform the following common or otherwise cumbersome editing tasks on a note selection:
    • - Modify note value, pitch, and almost all of the note properties available from the Notes Toolbar
    • - Apply or delete a beam on a consecutive sequence of notes
    • - Toggle enharmonic and note/rest
    • - Context-sensitive tie function can also be used to apply adjacent slur

iconNew Gestures & Shortcuts

  • Tap or drag rectangle to select any score expression, control point or reposition-able symbol
  • No longer necessary to switch between menus to reposition score symbols; tap directly or drag a rectangle over it to select.
  • Control points shown to reposition or edit staves and beams, as well as to edit textboxes including title/composer & annotations
  • Invisible control points for editing measures & beams reduce visual clutter and can be made active & visible by tapping once on its location
  • image
  • On any expandable button in a toolbar, you can now tap quickly to deselect the icon, instead of having to tap twice; perform a longer tap to expand the available options
  • Quickly create beams on any sequential note selection within the same measure by tapping the new Create Beam option from the menu items that appear above it
  • A single tap on any note switches automatically to its corresponding voice
  • Enable/Disable MIDI input from the instruments expandable button instead of having to navigate to a menu. This is the button on the very right of the Navigation Bar.
  • Improvements to note input cursor include the ability to:
    • - Reposition by dragging directly
    • - Tap once inside to show copy/paste menu
    • - In Select mode, moving the cursor to a new note or chord will generate a live preview over audio
  • Accessibility-icon
  • Standard navigation & editing gestures for Accessibility with VoiceOver, which allows visually impaired users to:
    • - Drag finger over the screen to locate adjustable controls, measures, and other score elements, with reliable VoiceOver labeling & hints throughout the entire interface
    • - Swipe to increment or decrement any adjustable interface element, such as to set volume, set tempo, move the input cursor, and navigate the playback cursor
    • - Double-tap to activate a control that has an action.
    • - Double-tap and drag a control that can be repositioned, including the input cursor and playback cursor
    • - Use 3-finger swipe to scroll the page in all 4 directions
    • - Use 1 finger-horizontal swipe to perform a quick-nav toggle

iconScore Symbols & Expressions

  • Dynamics, expressions, & articulations have better adjustability, interaction, and stability of layout with respect to the entire score.
  • New annotation tools with customizable font and color:
    • - More precise touch interaction while dragging expression / control point.
    • - Page wraparound support for range modifiers including crescendos, octave signs, and extensible elements in general
    • - Applicable expressions snap to notes and measures on multiple keypoints for better stability when score layout changes
    • - Apply an expression to multiple notes by selecting them and activating the deired symbol.

iconImport & Export

  • Improvements to MIDI import & export:
    • - Key & Time changes are recognized
    • - Percussion tracks & notes are converted properly, according to the sample used for playback
  • Improvements to MusicXML import & export, including:
    • - Importing of part information, including groups & instruments
    • - Importing of notes on separate voices/layers
    • - Accidentals on export
    • - Importing/Exporting of tuplets & grace notes
  • Convenient option to include SP project file with exported PDF, MIDI, or XML documents
  • With any new or existing score, layout remains preserved regardless of aspect ratio..

iconMeasures and Parts

  • With Continuous Scroll mode turned on, the left panel in the Score area provides easy access to:
    • - Mute/Solo and Volume controls
    • - Part rename options
    • - Just swipe right inside the panel to access the above shortcuts

  • Edit multiple bar properties simultaneously using a Copy/Paste menu selection, then selecting the new Edit Measures option
  • Automatically padded rests & formation of grand staff tracks into single part.
  • Time signature changes automatically rebar notes
  • Grand staff becomes automatically recognized and configured as a single part whenever appropriate
  • Fill incomplete measures with rests using the Measure Dialog
  • Score aspect ratio stays the same regardless of portrait or landscape orientation. Page layout is preserved regardless of viewing mode or screen orientation.
  • Zoom scale auto-adjusts in Continuous Scroll to fit the screen optimally for any number of parts


  • Tempo auto-synchronization: allows the virtual performance to always keep in time with a real metronome instead of falling behind
  • Tempo now remains constant with respect to Time Signature changes present in the score.
  • image
  • Change the location of the playback cursor during performance
  • Simile repeats marks are now performed
Version 4

Version 4: Complete Features Bundle

New features are free to try in October, or within 30 days of installation. Enable them for only $4.99 starting November.
All other new features not listed below, and improvements to existing features, are provided at no cost.

iconNotation and Editing Features

  • Fully customizable tuplet rhythms
  • Customizable note colors
  • Customizable font size and color for score annotations
  • Modifiable guitar tunings
  • Create over-full measures
  • Transform the rhythm of a note selection by applying diminution, augmentation, subdivision, repetition, and more
  • New notations:
    • - Multi-measure rests
    • - Specify and play back multiple repeat signs
    • - Adjustable tremolo / tremolando notation
    • - Swing tempo indications
    • - Flexible line indications for glissando, arpeggio
        symbols, and annotating
    • - Bend, tremolo, and chord diagram notations
    • - Courtesy accidentals
    • - Vertically adjustable beams
    • - Subdivide primary beams


iconPart Management & Playback

  • View & hide any combination of parts from using the Instruments Menu
  • Attach Section Labels or Rehearsal Marks to any bar
  • Adjust the position of any staff vertically
  • Add system breaks for more flexible score layout
  • Other advanced score layout options
  • Send MIDI-Out for any selected part
  • Customize percussion MIDI map as a project setting
  • Customizable metronome beat subdivisions

iconUser Interface

  • Backup & store projects seamlessly on iCloud Drive
  • Tag & categorize projects with virtual folders
  • View the full score by dismissing all toolbars
  • Over 40 QWERTY keyboard commands & shortcuts that allow you to:
    • - Toggle playback
    • - Switch through menus and input modes
    • - Transpose a note selection box or a cursor selection in Select Mode
    • - Switch note values and modify all other fundamental note properties



  • Updating to Version 4 on the App Store is free, and the update includes 1000+ reliability improvements. Improvements & maintenance updates for existing features are provided free of charge to all of our customers.
  • The Complete Features Bundle is free to try for 30 days; starting November, the bundle will be purchaseable for $4.99 or less, through a single In-App Purchase. Bundle will also enable new features introduced later this year.
  • Educational institutions that bought, or choose to buy licenses of Symphony Pro through the Volume Purchase Program will automatically be able to utilize features at no cost, starting November 2015.
  • Individuals using Symphony Pro with Accessibility/VoiceOver have complete features enabled automatically, at no cost.
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