Introducing the Handwriting Tool

Version 5 introduces handwriting recognition for iPad, and especially the iPad Pro.

As the only paid feature in Symphony Pro, the upgrade is a one-time purchase that comes with a permanent license, and free updates in the future.

Perfect with Apple Pencil, and works great with touch or capacitive stylus

  • Handwrite notes, chord, beams, flags, augmentation dots, and rests in a flexible range of styles or stroke orders
  • SP will then convert your handwriting into notation as you move to a different measure, or with a single tap of the pencil
  • Drag barlines horizontally to make room to write
  • Undo/redo pen-strokes
  • Lasso select notes to highlight, delete, beam, or transpose with incredible precision
  • Lasso score expressions, articulations, or beams to reposition or delete them
  • Select the tip of a stem or beam to adjust or flip vertically

Apple Pencil-Specific Features

  • Allows you to write easily without having to zoom in
  • Write while resting your palm on the screen
  • Reposition a bar line or staff in one gesture to make room to write
  • Take advantage of Symphony Pro 5’s support for Apple Pencil’s 120Hz precision
  • Instantly add a beam or flag using a short pen stroke. SP will accurately recognize what you intended, thanks to Apple Pencil’s active precision
  • Interoperability with the new two-finger horizontal swipe gestures to undo or redo

Sketching without Apple Pencil, or on a Regular iPad

Handwriting is designed to work well when writing with your finger or third-party stylus, and differences in your experience will be few compared with the full gamut of capabilities offered for Apple Pencil. However, please keep these limitations in mind:

  • No built-in palm rejection
  • Two finger scrolling is required while this tool is enabled
  • You may need to zoom further to edit reliably
  • Not supported on Symphony Pro for iPhone