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About Us

We're designers and engineers with over 6 years of experience building music creation software that's both immersive and useful. This is accomplished by providing unlimited freedom in musical expression, but within constraints and mediums that users are familiar with and find most intuitive. Standard notation is the only unified way to compose, share, read, and understand music. We're working on an app that helps you manage these tasks while taking full advantage of the iPad touchscreen.

Making intuitive software that meets the basic needs of composers and arrangers will always be our most fundamental and important goal. Our top committment is making Symphony Pro a more expressive, interactive and complete application on iOS, a platform with the greatest potential to innovate for students, professionals, and ordinary consumers alike. With a more capabable yet simpler app, you'll spend less time learning to edit, having to correct mistakes, or switching between software to complete a score.

Looking beyond the most fundamental product, we're exploring new and innovative features for composition in the symbolic sense. Our software will provide more flexible notation to accommodate a wide range of musical contexts and a greater variety of existing styles. At the same time, it will eventually allow an individual composer to customize tools to reflect their own unique ideas, an emphasis that would allow an accurate and rich representation of any musical performance. Our ideal is to provide complete and reliable symbolic and graphical features, as well providing an interactive environment for composition, performance, and playback.

After the fourth edition of Symphony Pro, we'll be making software updates more regularly. In the next year, professional playback, useful part management features, and a wider range of symbolic tools for composing and annotating are only part of what we plan to deliver.

Look for more news and updates on our product page, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Latest Developments

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  • Philip Lee - Lead Developer & CEO
  • Daniel Wyman (DMus / Emeritus Professor of Composition, SJSU) - Consultant & Advisor for Software Development
  • Former

  • Ross Miller - Software Developer & Co-Founder
  • Duong Pham - Software Developer & Co-Founder

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