Feature Overview

Symphony Pro is the easiest and most powerful notation app for iPad. Below is an summary of its main features:

Key Features in Version 5.

  • Introducing Handwriting Recognition for Apple Pencil & touch/capacitive stylus
  • Starting Version 5, Handwriting is the only In-App Purchase to enable the complete app
  • Now download SP on your iPhone
  • 24+ professionally recorded and sound-designed acoustic instruments, free out-of-box

Earlier features free-to-own, for existing & new owners.

  • 100+ built-in instruments for playback, and auditioning the notes you enter
  • Create and edit scores in standard music notation or tablature
  • Add and edit notes by tapping on the score, with an on-screen instrument, QWERTY keyboard, or a MIDI input device
  • Dozens of shortcuts & gestures to edit and navigate. Or create your own with an attached QWERTY keyboard
  • Adjustable staff size & spacing
  • Specify any range or combination of parts to view or hide*
  • Print the entire score from your iPad with AirPrint
  • Up to 64 instruments, 45 staves, and 4 voices/layers per score
  • Record a part in real-time with choices for audible metronome clicks at the beat, or even subdivisions of the beat, and down beat emphasis as desired
  • Full percussion notation support, with adjustable notehead to sample map
  • Per-track MIDI-Out Capabilities
  • Backup & sync your scores with iCloud*
  • Import MusicXML, MIDI, MXL, or Symphony files
  • Export as a PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, AAC, or Symphony file
  • Large selection of articulations and dynamics in the Expressions menu
  • Multi-measure rests* for parts to collapse empty measures
  • Grace notes / customizable notehead symbols & colors
  • Chord symbol, lyric, and annotation tools
  • Chord diagrams and bend notations for guitar*
  • Edit multiple notes and rests by selection, toggle, and note groupings
  • Flexible Copy & Paste tool with multi-track & multi-measure select
  • Delete a single note, measure, or an entire selection area
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo
  • Fully customizable stem directions & note beaming
  • Transposing instruments & concert pitch options
  • Change the tempo or clef at any point in the score
  • Stream audio or share your screen wirelessly with AirPlay to compatible speakers and a variety of other devices
  • Advanced document management support, including search by title/composer, preview images, tagging, folder support, and offloading to iCloud
  • Accessibility support with VoiceOver and dedicated QWERTY Key Commands for the vision impaired
  • Create your own custom project template or use a built-in one
  • Customizable part groupings for SATB and instrument families
  • Loop playback between specific measures
  • Auto-save, and overwrite protection for current projects
  • * Previously paid feature, but now free in Version 5

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